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Video Therapy

video therapy

Video Therapy

Virtual therapy continues to gain popularity and provides a range in benefits.

Teletherapy Provides Wider access to care

Remote areas that were once limited to specialized mental health treatment is now readily available through teletherapy.

Additional Privacy

It always depends on the mental health profession and there has been higher numbers of first responders attending counselling sessions due to privacy. Rural communities and people who work in remote areas can have privacy with their counselling sessions.

Automation and Technology for Online Mental Health

Online therapy has made great strides in technology with direct billing to insurance, paying therapy sessions through payment portals, and video sessions that are interactive with video, articles and more.

Schedule Intake Session


People with physical limitations can access online mental health services and even book their own sessions through our client portal link.

Lower Costs

More time for you and family by reducing time for travel

Continuity of Sessions

Living in Canada we can sometimes experience severe snow storms or weather patterns that can decrease road conditions or visibility

More Focus

People have reported that they are able to focus more on the screen in front of them with less distractions

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